Man gets tattoo of Queen walking hand in hand with Paddington as tribute

In the days since the Queen’s death, people have been mourning the monarch in a variety of ways. For some, laying floral tributes and joining with other mourners has been healing, but others prefer moments of quiet reflection. Grief is a personal thing, and there is no one correct response.

But it is fair to say one mourner may have gone further than most in their effort to pay tribute to the late monarch, as a man has gotten a tattoo of the Queen. The tribute features Her Majesty and Paddington Bear, who enjoyed a special relationship with Queen Elizbeth II.

The mourner has not been named, but it is known that the man got the tattoo in Benidorm, Spain, on Monday.

Completed by Jon Malvern, 39, the tattoo artist inked the design at his studio Tattoo Central.

The image features a corgi and the words “Well that’s that done, tea?” by illustrator Eleanor Tomlinson.

Jon, from Wallsend, Newcastle, said a client brought the drawing in for him to ink.

He said: “It’s very common in this industry to have requests for tribute tattoos after a well-known person passes away.

“I normally shy away from them because I don’t like to make money off other people’s misfortune.

“So when I got the request, I said I wouldn’t make money from it.

“On the day of the funeral I will close the shop and use the money from the reduced-price tattoo to buy flowers to put outside of the shop.”

The Queen and Paddington Bear famously enjoyed tea together during the Platinum Jubilee celebrations earlier this year. The pair, who had met on several previous occasions, partnered up for a comedy sketch.

The sweet surprise, which had been kept secret from the Queen’s family, her great-grandchildren included, delighted many, who loved seeing the iconic monarch and the beloved fictional character together.